About HR-on-Wheels(HoW)

Founded in March 2018, HR-on-Wheels (HoW) is a Human Resource Consulting firm, with a focus to add value to the businesses of SMEs by emphasizing the need to have a people strategy in place at the early stages of their businesses, we created affordable and easy to deploy HR packages to solve the ever-lingering “lack of structure” tag associated with many SMEs.

We understand the importance of laying the right foundation for the people strategy particularly for SMEs as well as large organisations. Our approach to meeting the unique needs of every organisation irrespective of its lifecycle/stage is to tailor our offering on a piecemeal or bespoke basis. 

At HR-on-Wheels, we have distinguished ourselves with our ability to blend our internal and external staffing strategies in order to provide top-notch services to clients on an engagement-by-engagement basis using our network of verified Independent contractor HR professionals. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the landscape of the practice of Human Resource Management delivery especially to SMEs by leveraging technology to remove borders and geographical terrain restrictions. 

Leveraging HR technology is a continuous process and we are determined to reduce operational costs from a Human Capital Management perspective, which is always the bridge, most businesses must cross to achieve profitability.

Our Mission

Our mission is two fold and aims to provide the right foundation for the human resources function to SMEs, by providing them with HR services at the right price and in a timely manner.

Also, to provide a platform for women in the field of HRM within child bearing age the option of a flexible work approach using technology. This provides them a good work-life balance without sacrificing their financial freedom using our border-less service delivery platform which promotes flexi-work schedules.

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Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles upon which our business is anchored. They are not just mere words, but are the fabric that make up HR-on-Wheels now and in many years to come. As Consultants, our values are based on the following:


We say what we will do, and do what we say. Our word is our bond.

Speed of delivery

We understand the cost of delay to the achievement of business results. Our processes are designed to ensure we have quick turn around time on every engagement. 


To our clients, every engagement makes us a business partner as we become vested in the success of the organisation for the long haul. To our professional partners, we form a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, which guarantees a win-win scenario for both parties. 


We constantly seek to uphold the code of conduct and best practices in the Human Resource Management field in how we carry out our business operations.

Sense of Community

We care about the welfare of people, which starts with our staff and the sense of community we have created and our adopted internal culture. 


We are constantly learning new ways of doing things and we find avenues to impart knowledge within and outside our sphere of influence.